Rt Hon Patricia Hewitt

Chair, UK India Business Council
Patricia Hewitt is the Chair of the UK India Business Council (UKIBC), the premier business-to-business network that works with the British government to promote bilateral trade between the UK and India.She has had a long and distinguished career in politics and government, including as the longest-serving Secretary of State for Trade and Industry in the last 50 years. In that role, she made India her top international priority, believing – as she said in 2002 – that India was rapidly becoming “the world’s most exciting knowledge-driven economy”. She also served in Tony Blair’s government as Cabinet Minister for Women (2001 – 2005) and Secretary of State for Health (2005 – 2007). Between 1997 and 2010, Patricia was Labour MP for Leicester West and continues to have close ties with the city and its large British Asian community.Born in Australia, Patricia took her undergraduate degree at Cambridge University, and has been awarded an MA by both Cambridge and Oxford. She is an Honorary Associate of Newnham College, Cambridge, an Honorary Doctor of De Montfort University and an Honorary Fellow of the London Business School.